Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lamps, clocks and more....

It's interesting. Looks like if I start writing about something, for example about stools or lamps I'm constantly finding more and more amazing examples of this things. Last my post was about silverware ceiling lamp and right after posting I found some more lamps I I'd like to share.
Do you think that picture above is picture of somebody's interior? Yes, it is. But... this is just a part of "interior" lamp:
This lamp was created by Yevgenia Homyachkova. She is really creative handmade master, she makes lamps, wall clocks, mirrors and many other things.  Next her creation can be added to my old post about furniture and home decor that looks like an animals. I believe it will be great in African style interior:
Are you thinking about decoration of your rustic cabin? If so next two lamps will be perfect find for it:

As I said before Yevgenia aslo creates wall clocks. And I don't even know what she makes better, just one example to inspire you
This wall clocks were made in stained glass technique. And I like it so much!!! Yevgenia is very productive handmader so if you wish to see more her art works or buy something you can do it by visiting her LJ blog, her picture gallery or her shop.   

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Old Silverware = Fantastic Ceiling Lamp

This is the one thing that I couldn't even imagine. The ceiling lamp made from spoons? Sounds crazy, but looks gorgeous and creative. It's perfect for kitchen, dining room or bar.
The process of creation is easy and fascinating, you'll enjoy it even if you have never done anything like this.
Step 1. We need set of silverware (will be good if each peace has hole in handler) and old lampshade frame.
Step 2. Now you should remove fat from all spoons-forks-knives you are going to use. You can do it by wiping them with some alcohol containing liquid. Let them dry and cover with base layer of paint. It is more easy to use spray paint for metal or plastic.
Remember that it is really better if you paint silverware outside your house. Paints and finishes are not good for you and your pets.   
Step 3. When everything is covered by paint and dry(you may need couple layers of paint and should let each one dry completely) put on your ex-silverware craquelure. 
You can buy craquelure in any crafts store. Remember you could add only one thin layer of craquelure and be sure that you put it in one direction. 
Step 4. When the layer of craquelure is not sticky anymore (time depends on which craquelure you bought but usually it's 20 minutes) put top layer of paint, color should be contrast to basic one. Paint silverware in the same direction that you put craquelure on it. You can use for top layer acrylic paints.
For example,  in process of creation this ceiling lamp white base was used(spray paint for metal) and black acrylic paint for used as top layer. 
If you did everything correctly (and I'm sure you did) in couple minutes you'll see nice cracks on your silverware. 
Step 5. Fix paint with finish. You can use oil based finish or water based finish. Also you can choose any type of it: satin, gloss, etc. 
Step 6. When parts of your ceiling lamp are drying you can work on your lampshade frame. You can paint it, you can add any beads, chains, crystals, flowers, anything. The only one limitation here is your fantasy. For this lamp decorative chains, black beads and crystals were used.  
Step 6. Put together all your parts and attach silverware to frame. 
Lamp socket for this ceiling lamp you can buy in stores like Home Depot or Lowes. This tutorial was prepared by chesta-fiesta and originally posted here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wine glass - handpainted

My really good friend ordered the hand painted set of glasses as a gift. I don't like glass painting but the idea was really interesting. I started. First one was the most terrible one, it's not too easy to paint on stuff that has not so simple shape and glass painting requires a lot of patience, accuracy and some glass painting skills that you can get only by painting glass.
Let me show my first painted glass in my life. I know that it has some (or probably a lot of) defects but I proud for myself that I did this. The first one is Sunflower glass. Here is it:

I already finished 50% of second glass - Camomile one. I'll show it to you soon

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One more stool

Last time I had a lot of posts about stools' remodeling and renovation. I don't even know why. Hope it's the last stool in row. Next time I'll post about another furniture piece, I promise.
The summer memories inspired vikulin to create this stool for kids. Summer rain, grandmother, milk and all other childhood memories make this stool so cute, so warm and tender:

A lot of other handmade ideas and lessons can be found in vikulin Live Journal blog. This particular stool can be found here. By the way -  this stool is for sell, so if you really like it you can buy it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miniature glass figurines - 4

Last weekend I visited Museum of American glass. And I found new animals for my collection in gift shop of this museum. My new  findings are the smallest ones I have.

To see the rest of my collection click here