Monday, November 8, 2010

Looks like animals: unusual animal shaped furniture

Today I would like to share with your result of my surfing on internet. All furniture you will see below is created in shape of animals, from animals or idea is inspired by animals.
First of all let me show you sofa that looks like cat. Unfortunately I was not able to find designer name as well as I was not able to figure out is it real or Photoshop. Also no link for it - I sow this picture in couple sources and looks like all this web-pages were not original ones. 
The author of next two sofas also unknown. But they are really nice and much more positive than first one. 
Of course in this post should contain something created by Sebastian Errazuriz. It is famous designer, and one from his latest furniture ideas is The Duck Lamp
If you are inspired - here is his web-page Sebastian Errazuriz. He creates really unusual things. Also google for his "teddy bear coat". 
Next designer that like animal theme and creates furniture is Michel Haillard. These zebra stools are named Aby&Gael II (what had happen with Aby&Gael I?)
There are a lot or similar projects on his web-page:
Eiko Ishizawa designed a bear looking sleeping bag. It is not a furniture but it is nice:
Not only sofas can have animals shape. Company Ibride has a great variety of animal shaped tables, shelves and other stuff. For example:
Do you think that you already have seen most extraordinary furniture? No, you haven't. Let me finish this post not with meat furniture. I found it here and really don't know where you can order such furniture if you like it. Check out this web-page. It has a lot unusual, extraordinary stuff and ideas. 

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