Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shell in Hand-Painted Lace

I picked up this wonderful oceanic shell long time ago on our Jersey Shore. I always wanted to paint it but did not know what to draw. Marine landscape? flower patterns? ship? Nothing matched till I realized that I want to paint lace on it. Do not really know why but here it is:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hand-Painted Coffee Coffee Cup

I started to paint this cup so long time ago that I cannot even remember when. But recently I found it and decided to finish.
 What can look more in place on the coffee cup than coffee beans? So I drew mixed size beans on it and decorated the top of drawing with real coffee beans.
 Warm brown colors to add more "coffee spirit", you can almost smell it :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Travel Book - San Francisco

It's been a while since our trip to the colorful San Francisco. As soon as we got back I started to make this travel book but it has never been completed. I just had no time. As usual. After finishing my last hand painted glass I decided to finish all projects I started and postponed for some reason. So I started with this travel book. Yosemite, Giant sequoias Parks and arrival are at the beginning:

I have almost no drawing in this travel book. What I did - I put all stuff that we brought from our trip together with small additions, like writing, letters, pictures from magazines, etc.
I was really impressed by house that Winchester's widow built so here is a page about it, with a small secret:
 And here is a secret:
Couple final pages are all about San Francisco:

This time I tried to make pages with pages inside them: maps that can be opened, pockets with tickets, flipping pages and folded booklets.