Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thread Christmas Ball Ornaments

Lets continue with Christmas ideas and Christmas Ball Ornaments. Today we will create Christmas Ball Ornaments using threads. Here is the result:
1) Threads
2) acrylic finish
3) napkin with Christmas ornament or any Christmas picture you like
4) fabric stickers 
Step 1. Put thread on the inverted glass vase covered by food wrap film.
Step 2. Cover threads with acrylic finish
Step 3. When you get a semi-sphere using brush put layer of finish and press it using layer of wrap film. Your thread should soak with finish.
Step 4. Let it dry. You got elastic semi-sphere.
Step 5. Repeat steps 1-4 to got one more semi-sphere.
Step 6. While you waiting semi-spheres to dry cut out Christmas ornament.
Step 7. Put Christmas ornament on finish.
Step 8. Put to semi-spheres together.
Step 9. You can put them together using thread, glue or using fabric sticker.

You are done. You can create ornaments that have any form, any color and any picture on it using this tutorial as the base. In the end I would like to say thanks to Smirnova Tetiana who spent her time to create pictures and text for this tutorial. You can find more tutotials on her web-page:

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