Thursday, December 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas Wreath: a lot of simple ideas.

Let's move to the next required Christmas attribute - Christmas Wreath. Today's how to is collection of ideas and some useful notes about making the unique and unusual decoration piece. Christmas Wreath can be really sweet. The first idea I would like to share with you is Candy Wreath 
For making this tasty wreath you will need: candies, plastic hoop, ribbon and scotch tape. The following two pictures will show you how to put candies to wreath:
One more sweet Wreath 
And "howto" for it in pictures:

Next one - is Ice Wreath. Unfortunately this wreath is good for you if you are leaving in the place with really cold weather. 
Why? Because it is really made from ice. You will need: round pots or plates, red berries (cranberries for example), green leaves, ribbon. What to do: pour water in the pot or plate. Put smaller pot or plate in center (you can add water or put something heavy in it to avoid floating). Add berries and leaves to water and leave in cold place for freezing. When it totally frozen put some hot water on pans or pots to separate ice and containers.  Attach it to door or gate using ribbon. 
Next one for those who love crochet work. I am sure you know better than me how to do this. Because I have no idea:)
Do you still have your Thanksgiving Wreath? Just cover it with silver paint and you get Christmas one. Kidding. 
For this one you need: maple leaves or any other dry leaves, better if they have different sizes, white or silver ribbon, cardboard, scissors, glue, silver acrylic paint. Cover leaves with acrylic paint. Let them dry. Cut out ring from cardboard, attach leaves to this ring, use ribbon to put it to the wall or door.
Totally the same idea is used for Buttons Wreath. Use buttons instead leaves and you will get this stylish wreath.  You also can paint your buttons using acrylic paints.
More ideas: paper one, fleece one and satin ribbons wreath:
Christmas wreath made from party balloons.
To make this one you need: a lot of balloons, base for wreath, hooks, ribbon (as you see ribbon is default material for making wreath). Here is the step by step instruction in pictures:
Last one for today - from newspaper. How to make - use the way we created the one of buttons:

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