Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holidays Quilted Ball Ornaments

I am glad to start series of Christmas post. I love this holiday. All handmade artists try to create something unusual, extraordinary and original. Christmas Ornaments can be different colors and made from a lot of materials: glass, plastic, wood and even fabric like this one
This amazing ornament was done by Kathi, on etsy her shop is named unclebuyme as well as her web-page
Why Uncle Buy Me? Its long and sad story. When Kathi's sister was pregnant her husband bought her a HUGE box filled with two shopping carts worth of toys and items from Toys R Us. After their nephew was born her husband would always buy the best gifts for him -- and so -- he would appropriately call him: Uncle Buy Me! Kathi's sister passed away from breast cancer at only 43-years-old with a then 9-year-old son. She will forever remember the long days and nights sitting with her sister at the hospital making quilted ornaments, decorating hospital room and hanging the ornaments from IV pole. And so, the name Uncle Buy Me is in honor and memory of Kathi's sister. In Kathi's shop you can find some brest cancer awareness ornaments:
Next quilted Christmas ornament features sprigs of green pine needles along with tiny brown pine cones and red dotted berries on a crisp white background. There are alternating rows of a patterned brown along with brown and sparkling green topping bows. 
It's impossible to imagine Christmas without poinsettias. This quilted ornament features beautiful red ones, green leaves and brown pine cones. 
Ornaments are not only for Christmas. You can use them as decorations and gifts for any holiday: Independence day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter.....and all these ornaments can be found in Kathi's shop.  As an example this is the Thanksgiving Day Ornament and you still have time to buy it.

Some important notice - you can save money on the ornament price and on shipping by buying from the website Happy Holidays!