Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Coffee can = Gift "box"

I made this gift container for my very good friend. Hope she'll enjoy it. Such type of "gift boxes" is good for small and fragile gifts or gift sets (chocolate, coffee, figurines....)
So materials:
1) Empty coffee can
2) Christmas themed napkins. We need to cut out pictures from them:
3) Glue
4) Acrylic paints
5) Thin paper
6) water based finish
Step 1. Make a texture. Mix glue and some water and attach thin paper to your coffee can. Let it dry
Step 2. Cover your coffee can with acrylic paint. Let it dry. 
Step 3. Attach cut out picture to jar using water-glue mix. Again let it dry
Step 4. Using acrylic paints add some details, shadows and accents to picture. Let it dry.
Step 4. Cover your jar with water based finish.
Here is the result:

Thats all for Christmas 2010. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spring Christmas tree

Last Christmas related post for this year. Ok, not last:) Probably there will be one more. But it's definetely last post about Christmas trees. Today I would like to share these really amazing Christmas trees. They are made from real junk.
They are amazing and were created by Cammie. She shared "how to" with us in her blog. Step by step tutorial for first one can be found here and for the second one - here.
She has shop on etsy, where a lot of vintage and recycled things can be found as well as handmade jewelry. Check it out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paper Christmas Tree

Inspired by all unusual and creative trees I found on internet I decided to create one to bring Christmas spirit to my office. Here is the result:
If you like it here is step by step "how to".
1. Thin paper. I used the one that usually is put in the shopping bags in fancy stores and in the boxes with shoes:
2. Cone. I bought it in Michaels store but you can make one from thick paper or cardboard
3. Glue. I used glue gun
4. Spray paint (optional)
5. Garlands, ornaments, etc. (optional)
Step 1. Tear paper to make rectangle pieces
Step 2. Bend each piece and fold the corner like it shown on the picture below
Step 3. Attach each piece to the cone. Start from the bottom.
When you done you'll get something like this  
Like it? If so you are all set. If no - you can cover your tree with paint and add ornaments, garlands, snowflakes....I cover my tree with silver paint leaving the spots where we can see paper color and putted garland on it. 
That's all. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More and more about Christmas: Felt Ornaments

Lala Golovata is Ukranian artist and she lives in Hmelnyckiy. Mostly she is working in dry felting technique but embroidery and beading also are her passion. Today I would like to show you Lala's Christmas ornaments. They are cute and tender. Felt boots are my favorites:
Huge variety of colors, sparking beadings....
They are worm and cozy and looks great on the Christmas tree:
Except boots I definitely love biscornus that Lala is making as well.  Biscornu is a small 8-sided, stuffed ornamental pincushion. Embroidery, beadings and a lot of others techniques are used for their decorating. Lala's biscornus are delicate, soft and looks fragile like snowflakes. Gorgeous!
This time of year any post cant be done without a Christmas tree. Today we have three and they are felt brooches. 
More Lalas art works can be found in her LiveJournal blog - Visit Lala's online store to buy amazing things you have seen above or contact her via e-mail 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seasonal Glass Figurines: Santa Claus and Snowman

I found one more shop where I can buy miniature glass figurines: Luckily it is located in USA. Figurines in this shop is a little bit lager than those I bought in other places but they have really high quality and made with incredible attention to details.
Christmas is almost here so I have bought Santa Claus and Snowman. They are CUTE:
There are two more Christmas figurines in this shop: Rudolph and Angel. They are beautiful but all figurines in this store are a little bit expensive so I am going to ask Santa to bring them to me as a gift :) 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas tree - check, Christmas wreath - check, Christmas stocking - check, Advent calendar -check, Christmas ornaments - check....What else? Christmas cards! I just found couple really awesome in pony-gogo LiveJournal blog

Why are these cards are so special? Because all of them have a SECRET. These cards are not just like any other cards, they bring happiness for your special one.
Each card has Happy Word on the back of card (these words can be any words you want). You cant see these words, they are invisible but you will definitely feel it.

More and more amazing cards for any occasion can be found here:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One more cute Christmas tree

These days everybody is thinking about Christmas and I'm not an exception so let's create Christmas tree. 
1) paper for base
2) fabric, ribbons, lacing, paillette
3) acrylic paints
4) clay
5) double sided office tape

Step 1. Cut out the paper сone, put it together using office tape. 
Step 2. Sculpture the star, paint it using gold paint. Cut fabric, as result you should get  strips. Stitch it and add ribbons, lacing, paillette.
Step 3. Paint cone. Using double sided office tape attach rushing to cone.
I would like to say thanks to ryzhyj-mash, who created this tree, made pictures and shared it with us!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Most Creative Christmas Trees

If you want something new for this Christmas here are couple ideas how to decorate Christmas tree.
Lets start with most traditional tree. For decorating a lot of peacock feather and related colors were used. Butterflies and unusual colors and finally peacock on the top.
Next Christmas tree was designed for shops, the form allows to have trees and a lot of space for customers in the same time. You can also use it for leaving more space for gifts:)

For this Christmas tree you should be a fan of Grolsch beer. Or any beer. And work hard to collect all this bottles before Christmas. This trees are made from empty beer bottles and empty beer cans. 
Christmas tree for everyone who loves to read paper books. Now we have iPads, iPhones and all this stuff so it is harder and harder find home with real book. Be extraordinary:
Do you have rung ladder? If so you have a Christmas tree. 
What? You have no ladder in your home? ok.. what about paper stickers?

All of the following trees are look good and taste good. Be aware - your guest (or you) can left from last two Christmas tree nothing in couple hours.
Do you love sushi? And know how to cook them? If so next one is for you:
Don't like sushi? What about candies, cookies and marsh-mallow?
You think you have seen all? NO! Potato tree, pasta tree, grits tree and banana tree:

If you have a lot of ties you can also use them as Christmas tree:
Plastic bottles. You must hear a lot how many of them pollute our platen, so be green and save trees and planet, use bottles for Christmas tree:
Two christmas trees that you see below can be a little bit expensive. 
Too expensive? So there are budget trees: gloves, junk and wood, one from pencils and one cloth hanger 
Cardboard tree:
Feather tree
Lamp tree 
Tree for crochet work artists:
Trees for geeks:

And finally money trees for everybody: