Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Most Creative Christmas Trees

If you want something new for this Christmas here are couple ideas how to decorate Christmas tree.
Lets start with most traditional tree. For decorating a lot of peacock feather and related colors were used. Butterflies and unusual colors and finally peacock on the top.
Next Christmas tree was designed for shops, the form allows to have trees and a lot of space for customers in the same time. You can also use it for leaving more space for gifts:)

For this Christmas tree you should be a fan of Grolsch beer. Or any beer. And work hard to collect all this bottles before Christmas. This trees are made from empty beer bottles and empty beer cans. 
Christmas tree for everyone who loves to read paper books. Now we have iPads, iPhones and all this stuff so it is harder and harder find home with real book. Be extraordinary:
Do you have rung ladder? If so you have a Christmas tree. 
What? You have no ladder in your home? ok.. what about paper stickers?

All of the following trees are look good and taste good. Be aware - your guest (or you) can left from last two Christmas tree nothing in couple hours.
Do you love sushi? And know how to cook them? If so next one is for you:
Don't like sushi? What about candies, cookies and marsh-mallow?
You think you have seen all? NO! Potato tree, pasta tree, grits tree and banana tree:

If you have a lot of ties you can also use them as Christmas tree:
Plastic bottles. You must hear a lot how many of them pollute our platen, so be green and save trees and planet, use bottles for Christmas tree:
Two christmas trees that you see below can be a little bit expensive. 
Too expensive? So there are budget trees: gloves, junk and wood, one from pencils and one cloth hanger 
Cardboard tree:
Feather tree
Lamp tree 
Tree for crochet work artists:
Trees for geeks:

And finally money trees for everybody:

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