Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unusual and creative office spaces - 2

Last week I posted some unusual and creative office spaces. I still have a lot of work and looks like one working weekend is following by another, so lets continue with finding something funny, relaxing and a little bin crazy in offices. Let me start with this perfect wooden table:
It was created by Marlies Romnerg, grad of Utrecht School of Arts. She named this unique piece of art - Diar diary 1.0. It's real computer embedded in wooden desk. I am really inspired. Let's continue with desks or cars... or desk and car in one piece:
Unfortunately I did not find the creative soul who designed this. Sometimes pictures go through the web from page to page and it's really hard to find out original source. This is true for the next desk as well. Work desk in shape of piano looks really classy and fancy. 
Do you want your work place to be mobile? So you can use this idea: home office from the cart.
You can find the guide how to create this one here. It's in Russian but these are mostly pictures so it will be clear.
Still need more mobility? Here is whole portable office:

It's named Kruikantoor and designed by Tim Vinke. Looks like he also created the following one, but I am not 100% sure. The furniture below was created from palettes:
I believe it's enough for today, if I continue to work over weekends I will continue to look for some creative office spaces, just kidding. I believe enough is enough at least I didn't see anything that looks really good on internet except that I've already shown.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unusual and creative office spaces

I am completely tight up with my job. It's only one thing I can thing about now:) so today's post about really creative, unusual, funny and totally insane office buildings and work spaces.
Let me start with capsules from OfficePOD company.  The designers of this company created this mobile office, you can put it in your home, in the garden or anywhere you like to work.
Another creative person Sophie Kirkpatrick designed really cute table. If you want you can put down cover and be alone in crowded office, or just don't see colleagues you don't like too much:) 
If you need some exercises or need frequently change your location in office you can use this scooter desk from Yanko design studio:
Need to lose some weight? Check out Walkstation from Steelcase:
To be honest I prefer laying on my sofa or couch, not walking:) Next one office furniture piece was designed for peoples exactly like me - ErgoQuest Model 500
I also like the idea of 6 screens, I have two at my place and it's totally not enough for me.
Now lets talk about decoration of space around your table. Are you feeling like commandos? Here we are:
Always have dreams about castles, knights and princess? Next work space is for you:
Now lets talk about the offices. Do you like this cabin?
It IS the office. It was created by Peter Frazier and he named it 'Office on the Forest Edge'. If you like nature and would like to work laying down on the grass you should send your resume in Japan company Hakuhodo.  
Next one is my favorite, unfortunately I don't know which company owns it:
That's all for today. I wish you great and productive day! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mad Tea Party - Invitations

No tutorials or how to today. Cause couple days ago I and my really close friend had a Birthday, so we through a big celebration in Mad Tea Party style. So we need a crazy ones invitations for it. I decided to make them in tea pot shape and all they are different. Today I would like to show them to you:
 I downloaded templates in internet, cut them out and added some laces and flowers:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woodland Happy Tree Bookshelfs

More and more creative and funny furniture in new year, see what I found:
This is not just bookshelf, this is  enchanted Woodland Happy Tree Bookshelf! This shelf was made by cute little gnomes and fairies and it's smiling!  And there is shop filled up with such amazing and magic things: bookshelves, shelf stands, bookends, display shelves... Want to take a look? Here is the link
Take a look on this Happy Flower Shelf Stand -  perfect piece for a baby nursery, children's room or anywhere in your home.  The Daisy Flower has a ready smile and would love to be planted on a shelf in your home.  
The Woodland Happy Tree Display Shelf is half the size of original children's bookshelf design, making it perfect to display collections or cherished family treasures in any room of the house... he's not just for the kiddies anymore!
Versatile size allows Herbie Jr. to be hung on the wall or sat on a tabletop. He is a completely freestanding tree! Oh, and the cutest part... the spook hole is cut through the trunk and becomes an adorable picture frame. There's a plate on the back. Simply remove the plate and put your child's photo, artwork or whatever you'd like over the top. Kids will love changing this out and putting different pictures in there!

If you liked all staff above and would like to add some magic to your everyday's life visit the graphicspaceswood shop on etsy, as well as other shops and pages of these furniture fairies: decals: http://www.graphicspaces.etsy.comprint:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Graffiti cabinet

Graffiti and Shabby be or not to be? As for me it looks at least strange. How do you think? Of course it's stylish and very creative but to be honest can you image interior where such piece will look good? I can't.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cabinet decorating

Do you have boring pale cabinet like this?
Do you like it? I suppose the answer is no, so let's create something magic and bright. We will need:
  1. Decoupage cards
  2. Acrylic finish
  3. acrylic outliners
  4. glitters
  5. boring cabinet
Step 1. Take decoupage card and cut out picture. You can also use napkins instead of decoupage cards. Using acrylic finish attach pictures to the cabinet. Take brush with finish and smooth attached picture. 
Step 2. Take outliner and paint branches. Add leaves and flowers.

Step 3. Draw butterflies and fill up their wings using glitter.
Step 4. Take brown acrylic paint and draw tree trunk. Make some texture by adding outliner lines. 
 Thats it. Instead of ugly old cabinet you have magic one.
Good luck!
I want to say thanks for this tutorial to Tatiana Smirnova. She created this master class and shared it with us. You can find a lot of her other amazing artworks on her web-page:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Modern Arks Furniture

Happy New Year to everybody! I am back and I have a lot of new perfect art works finds, a lot of new "how to" stories, collectibles and vintage stuff to share with you.
I found this furniture on internet long time ago, but as everybody I was too busy with Christmas, New Year and my Birthday. I'm glad that I left all these holidays behind and I can get back to my blog and my work. So the first form Modern Arks Furniture shop will show you the main idea of all furniture you can found in this store: vintage boxes and "Modern Arks" base
Unfortunately it is sold outModern Arks re-purposes items to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Furniture, artwork and other goods are created by mixing a modern design aesthetic with beautifully recycled antiques. The character of these historic relics remains intact, while creating a new and useful product that is truly unique. 
The following coffee table is really cute. It is made from  large depression era shoe crate and combined with the "Modern Arks" base  featuring Eames style, mid-century hairpin legs to create a truly unique coffee table suitable for any decor. The use of authentic antique crates ensures that no two of their coffee tables are alike and re-purposing these historic wooden crates ensures they are appreciated for years to come. This box features german writing on the top of it from the residents of the Harmony society in New Harmony, Indiana.
The Modern Arks Furniture also creates original artwork using wood and ink and are constantly creating new pieces that fit with our established aesthetic. This is the good example of their art works and this sentence makes me think about my life for couple minutes:
I hope you are interested in this shop and like items from it as much as I do. More items for sell can be found on etsy They also have the web-page