Sunday, January 15, 2012

Underwater World Hand Painted Glass

This new glass was not created only by me. My friend started to work on it  for her son and drew octopus, fish and seaweeds. The problem was in her outliner. She had a bad one so she didn't like her art work and gave it to me.
I left almost all underwater creatures she has drawn except couple that was covered with thick rubber-looking outliner. Those were deleted using hot oven and sharp knife.
After removing those parts I drew Nemo, jellyfish and octopus on the glass base and started painting.
 Something was wrong with this glass, I have never had so many problems with painting anything. Paints, outliner and my hand just did not want to be with this glass.
 I was painting and removing what I had painted, I almost broke this glass itself twice... This was tough but I did it. Finally it was ready and was presented as a gift to my friend and her kids. I hope they like it.
The pictures have a bad quality because my camera stopped working recently, so all pictures were made using my cell phone.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Writing Cabinet Renovation

New 2012 has started and my New Year resolution is to put more attention to this blog, find more ideas and create more handmade things.
I haven't posted anything about furniture restoration and renovation for a long time. Just haven't seen anything I would like to share. I found this writing cabinet renovation couple days ago. Just compare these pics.
and after
This writing desk was born in USSR about 60 years ago but after renovation it looks like new. I like bright colors and fresh look. It's really good for children's room. 
The renovation was done by LiveJournal user asa_asa. Here you can find more details and how to. BTW it's not first asa_asa renovation I am writing about. This toys cabinet was renovated by her as well.