Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broken Stool = Mosaic Table

There was the following stuff, to be honest some kind of garbage:
1) broken stool without a top
2) cut circle from table top
3) some Polymer Clay circles-flowers
4) two ceramic tiles - white and light blue
5) rods
But if we put everything together.... we can have perfect stylish mosaic table:
All steps of this transformation you can find on the picture below. First of all attach circle from a table top to the stool. Scratch table top and cover it with tile glue. Put on the glue polymer flowers and pieces of tiles. Before you start putting mosaic on glue put it together on the another table. Glue is drying fast so you have only about 15 minutes to transfer your mosaic from one place to other. If you don't use ceramic tiles you can use which best fits your material. When done with mosaic, efface the surface and cover it with oil based finish twice.
Next steps are not required, there is the place for you fantasy and view of your future table.
Take piece of bagging and remove some threads from it. Attach it to the ex-stool. Curve rods and nail it.
Add paper-mache roll to the table edge. Cover everything with bronze spray painting. Put some craquelure and cover everything with black painting. Now you have nice bronze cracks. Cover places you painted with water based finish.
Here is more detailed picture of table stands:
Thanks gashula for sharing this master-class with us. By the way she also makes nice handmade dolls that can be found in her blog. 
This master class was originally posted here.