Friday, May 20, 2011

Moo-oo Candle Holder

There are couple things people can look forever: fire, sky, water. You can look to the burning candle for hours moreover if you put your candle in cute candle holder made by yourself you can look at it for a days.
Here is tutorial how to make such candle holder:
Materials and tools:
1) IKEA (or any other cheap) wood photo frames with glass;
2) acrylic black and white paints;
3) glue;
4) spackling paste;
5) gloss and matte finish (spray)
Here is a good example of frames we need:
Step 1. Using glue put together skeleton of future candle holder (use just frames without glass). Then put spackling paste on it, create a bold stoke. Pay more attention and put more paste on corners and joint. Let it dry for a night.
Step 2. Paint it with acrylic paints and cover it with gloss finish.
Step 3. Now you should create picture on glasses, you can just print picture you like and put it under the glass. Than using glass paints and glass outline re-create this picture on glass. After picture is ready and paints are dried cover glass with matte finish. 
See couple more examples of candle holders made using exactly the same technology below.
For this one decoupage was used, pictures on glass are cut of from napkins:
For this one the same frames were used, they just lay down one on top of another. branches and grits were used to make a texture. After all it was covered with gold spray paint (good hand made Christmas gift).
And last one:
I would like to say thanks to SoffiaShark LiveJournal user who created all these candle holders and this tutorial.