Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Orange Box

I found master class on how to make this box long time ago while surfing the internet. I don't know who was the first invented how to make small boxes from oranges. This is useless but totally organic (except acrylic paints). So if you have time, wish to paint something and have an orange you can do such box:
First of all you need an orange. Cut it and eat it. Then put halves of orange skin in boiled water and add two table spoons of baking soda. Left it for 12 hours
Now your orange skin is really soft so you can put it over glass and fix using rubbers and let it dry a week or two. After two weeks you'll get two halves of your future box

Now it's painting time. I chose India patterns because I want to practice to paint them for a long time.
When you are done with painting cover your box with couple nice layers of finish. I added zip lock to my box but it was also just an experiment and practice.