Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miniature Glass figurines - 8

Last time I've posted all new cats in my collection, now let's go with the dogs.
Sal the Dalmatian:
Sal the Dalmatian has great guarding and hunting instincts. He’s always bursting with energy so he needs to get outside and exercise often. He has an affinity for horses and loves to run alongside them. Sal has outstanding endurance and agility. He’s quite friendly with those he trusts but aloof with strangers. Sal was born in Croatia, January 15, 2009.
Channing the Chihuahua:
Channing the Chihuahua loves to play in the sprinklers on a summer afternoon. She thinks it’s hilarious to get wet and then shake off next to people. Channing enjoys chewing on designer shoes and she always tries to sleep in her owner’s bed. She likes to be picked up but will not tolerate being carried in a purse. Channing was born September 26, 2009.
The "biography" of Channing and Sal I took from here. This is an amazing page for miniature glass figurines collectors. 

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