Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent calendars

What comes up in your mind when you're thinking about Christmas? Christmas tree, ornaments, snowman, Santa Claus, Rudolph, stockings, and advent calendars. Advent Calendar is a special calendar. It is used to count the days of Advent. In our days they are mostly are made for children and have many "windows". One window is opened everyday. Opened windows reveal poems, pictures, stories or small gifts. 
These calendars are known from beginning of the 19th century and since that time they changed a lot. Now you can find calendars made from wood, fabric, paper. Any form, any size. 
I found these amazing calendars in the HanHan's Stitching etsy shop. The artist has passion for embroidery by hand and always enjoyed all needlework. 
This calendar will provide enjoyment for your family for years to come. It's a perfect gift for children!  
Next one is even more lovely and cute. I LOVE it. Just take a look:
There are a lot of great handmade items in HanhansStitching shop. I am definitely sure - you can find something that was made just for you if you click here.