Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paper Christmas Tree

Inspired by all unusual and creative trees I found on internet I decided to create one to bring Christmas spirit to my office. Here is the result:
If you like it here is step by step "how to".
1. Thin paper. I used the one that usually is put in the shopping bags in fancy stores and in the boxes with shoes:
2. Cone. I bought it in Michaels store but you can make one from thick paper or cardboard
3. Glue. I used glue gun
4. Spray paint (optional)
5. Garlands, ornaments, etc. (optional)
Step 1. Tear paper to make rectangle pieces
Step 2. Bend each piece and fold the corner like it shown on the picture below
Step 3. Attach each piece to the cone. Start from the bottom.
When you done you'll get something like this  
Like it? If so you are all set. If no - you can cover your tree with paint and add ornaments, garlands, snowflakes....I cover my tree with silver paint leaving the spots where we can see paper color and putted garland on it. 
That's all. Merry Christmas!

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