Friday, July 1, 2011

Table and maps... if you like to travel

I don't know about you but I always bring from all my trips pack of maps. So here is a great idea to get rid of them and decorate some old table.
First take the table and sand it. Then clean up all dust.
 Take maps you like and cut them to the pieces. Cover table with glue and put pieces of map like it shown on the picture.
If your table is not square cut paper a little bit like it shown on picture above. Try to avoid bubbles and wrinkles when attaching paper to the table.
Let table dry and cover it using finish. Better to use water based finish because oil based makes spots of grease on your maps.
Let first layer of finish dry, sand it with finest sand paper and cover it with finish one more time. That's all. Now you have perfect table that saves your memories about wonderful trips you had for long-long years.
I found this table here, but I believe it's not original source, so if you recognize your idea - let me know, I'll be glad to put your name as author name of this travel table.