Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Magnets, magnets, magnets

The most popular souvenir in whole word is magnets. Each visitor center, each information center, each gift shop has a lot of them: plastic, rubber, metal, wood and "made in China":-). Flags, animals, beautiful views, anything you can imagine. I am collecting the magnets and always bringing a couple from all my trips (like thousands of peoples). I buying magnets as a small gifts for a friends and for my collection (sometime I'll show you my fridge).  I was really happy to find an etsy shop with uncommon and "make me smile" magnets. Moreover they are handmade and unique.
Donna and John create magnets that make you and your fridge laugh, or add some happiness to your office. I have really boring grey file cabinets at my work place so these magnets can add some color to it. This nice dog has name Autumn and Autumn likes fall colors. She is made from birch plywood and painted with acrylics, have artist signature, number and date on back.
The John's vision of of the Shire where Bilbo's home sets in the side of a hill is depicted on the following magnet. John is a big fan of Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and created this great gift for Tolkien fans. 
Last one I want to show you is colortul fish. This fish is handpainted and handcutted by John. If you need to remember something important just let this fish hold the note and you will never forget.
You can buy all magnets shown in this post and a lot of others in this LaughingFridge shop. There is magnets for everybody and for each fridge. Enjoy!