Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old sewing machine = new unique personalized table

Source Author - Anastasiya.

Today in 'how to' rubric I would like to told you how to create table from old Singer sewing machine stand. This is a final result:
And here is start point
Materials and tools:
1) Spay paints: white(for table top) and black(for metal stand).
2) Sewing machine stand
3) Table top (the size used for this tutorial 40 inches long and 15 inches wide)
4) Moulding (the size depends on table top size, for this one was used 140 inches moulding)
5) Glass
6) Small nice thing like beads, shells, anything you would like to put under glass
Step 1. Take sewing machine stand remove rust and apply black paint. All painting works should be prepared outside - to avoid covering everething around you with black not removable dust. Apply 2 layers of paint. Let first layer completely dry before putting second one.
Step 2. While your paint is drying take molding and cut it.
Step 3. Put together part of molding (create frame). For this cover molding sides with wood glue or use hot glue gun. After it reverse frame and attach parts together using furniture stapler. Also you can order or buy any frame you like to avoid performing all these manipulation with molding or reuse an old frame.
Step 4. Take liquid nails adhesive and cover line inside frame. Take table top and put it inside frame. If there are some slits add glue.
Step 5. Cover table top with white paint. Put 3-4 layers.
Step 6. After glue and paints are totally dry reverse table top and put together table top and frame using furniture stapler.

Step 7. Measure sizes inside the table, go to store and buy glass:-)
Step 8. Paint table top and frame. 
Step 9. Attach table top to stand using screws. 
Step 10. Put on table top beads, shells, photos....

Step 11. Put glass on top of table. You are done.

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