Thursday, November 11, 2010

New look for your old laptop

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and understand - colorful, taste, juicy summer is gone. Fall came again and brought with her cold wind, rains and yellow leaves.. Sweet summer memories are faded away day after day and even your lovely laptop looks really boring.
Are you sad?  Stop it. You can save a piece of lavish summer for all year or even more and at the same time give new look for your old laptop:
1) napkins with picture you like
2) acrylic paints
3) glue and finish 
4) brushes and roller sponge
5) laptop
Step 1. Clean up your laptop using something that removes fat. You can use napkins for cleaning up laptops. Try to put your pictures on laptop. IMPORTANT: first put main components, then small ones. After you decide how to compose your pictures carefully move it somewhere where you can see it.

Step 2. Now you need to make a background - base layer for napkins. You need acrylic paints, brushes and/or roller sponge. Put a layer of paint. Choose color that fit your picture. Let it to dry. Put another color emphasis using the sponge where it is needed, in this tutorial these are places where jug, grapes and flowers will be located. 


Step 3. Let paints to dry. Cover your laptop with glue-finish. IMPORTANT: layer of glue should be thick. Carefully put napkins on the laptop and using center-edge movements attach it to laptop. The sequence of putting picture parts should be the same as in first step: the biggest ones, smaller, the smallest. Let it dry and than cover with finish. You can add some details using paints or markers. Let it dry again.

Thats all. Now you have this amazing laptop and be sure all you relatives and friends will ask you to create similar one for them. In the end I would like to say thanks to Alena Prohorova for creating this tutorial, good pictures and descriptions. 


  1. So cool! Definitely going to do that with fashion napkins :P Please follow me :D