Friday, November 5, 2010

Miniature glass figurines

I spent whole Wednesday in the airports and plains so I missed my Wednesday weekly column "invited guest". This week my post will be a little bit different. At first it is Friday. At second this post - looking for artist, not promotion of artist. Looks like in addition to magnets and license plates I start to collect miniature glass animals. Now I have four of them: lady bug, cat, crab and penguin. Here they are:

So I started to surf internet to look for the masters who do such beautiful things and what I found - a lot of stores, a lot of collectors, a lot of stories but no official web-pages of masters. Is it really sad. I also can be blind or stupid so if you know such web-pages just let me know. I would like to feature persons who can do such beautiful things in my blog as well as be their regular client:-) I want to by handmade stuff directly from artists not from persons who do nothing to create it.
What I found its couple shops (the links are in the end of post) that sell the hand-made blow animals, birds and other miniature figurines made by artist from Russia and Ukraine (St Petersburg, Moscow, Lutzk). The figurines presented at these shops are really nice and you know what - you will never find two similar ones.
They differ in shape, size, colors because they made by people not machines.

The only manufacturer web-page I found is Factory of Author's Glass. This factory produces wide variety of glass products: miniature glass figurines, glass souvenirs, sculptures, window stained glass. All products are hand-blown and handmaid. They have amazing figurines in their store but the bad news is - you can order only huge number of them (100 - if you order one figurine or set of 60 figurines).  See below some examples of of tiny animals and birds:

Here are the shops I found where these nice tiny things are sold: