Thursday, November 4, 2010

Door to your happy place

Do you want always be able to open the door and enter into your happy place? Something like this:
And you have door like this? 
Lets transform it!
1) door:)
2) 4 identical photo frames. This is good example:
3) Photo of your happy place
4) Paints
Step 1. Take your photo and divide it in 4 equal parts in any photo editor program. Save and print these photos. The size of your prints should be equal to size of your frames. 
Step 2. Paint your frames in color that your door has. Try to select really identical color of paint of frames and door. Because your door and frames should look like one thing.
Step 3. Attach frames to door using glue and fix using small nails. Now you have door with spring forest behind it. You can change the pictures any time and behind your door will be anything you want: forest, mountains, beach or deep ocean.