Thursday, June 16, 2011

Furniture for car lovers

All my previous entries were some kind of "girly". This post for men. I am sure the heart of each man will be touched by this furniture. Actually my heart is broken too. What men love so much? Almost so much like a girls? Cars. I believe most of them will be even glad to sleep in their beloved cars and .. now they have such opportunity. This sofa is designed especially for car fans:
There are two young designers from Poland - Andrzej Sapierzynski and Lukasz Siodmok. And they are geniuses. Do you know a boy who does not want such armchair? Do you know anybody at all who can stay calm when see it? Probably I am overreacting but I always do when I find something breathtaking.
For such sofa and armchair you definitely need some special coffee table
Amazing. That's all I can say. And this is not everything that they can do with cars and furniture. These guys designed office desks and standing lamps and can do custom design for you. There is even a picture on their web-page with some explanation how they create such things. So if you liked it and want to find out more go to


  1. That was amazing! Very creative and resourceful. Makes one feel always in the car and sitting comfortable. Makes me think to have it also. Thanks!

  2. @Audi Northern Ireland
    Glad you liked it and glad that creative people who designed this furniture got one more fan:)