Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some amazing clocks from some really old(odd??) stuff

I met a wonderful and creative person just couple days ago. Her name is Olga. She loves to create beautiful things from some old junk stuff. Mostly her art creations are made in steampunk style. For example these earrings
But I just LOVED her clocks. They are amazing. Just take a look at this one made from ... an old chair:
I believe every artist would like to have such piece of art in his/her studio. These clocks are inspiring to create more and more beautiful things.
The next one - has nothing glamorous, even name. These clocks are named "Antiglamour". They made from vintage clock parts, vintage frame, suit-case wheels, chain....
And the last one I really love - "Cuckoo clock". Vintage door, vintage clock parts, bakelite bird, old key.. what is the common for all these things? Almost nothing except all of them together are really rare and gorgeous kind of clock. 
I liked and posted these three clocks because I have never seen such clocks, they are just mind-blowing and one of a kind. And they fit the format of my blog just perfect. There are more Olga's art at her personal web-page They are also beautiful, I really recommend to take a look.

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