Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Modern Arks Furniture

Happy New Year to everybody! I am back and I have a lot of new perfect art works finds, a lot of new "how to" stories, collectibles and vintage stuff to share with you.
I found this furniture on internet long time ago, but as everybody I was too busy with Christmas, New Year and my Birthday. I'm glad that I left all these holidays behind and I can get back to my blog and my work. So the first form Modern Arks Furniture shop will show you the main idea of all furniture you can found in this store: vintage boxes and "Modern Arks" base
Unfortunately it is sold outModern Arks re-purposes items to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Furniture, artwork and other goods are created by mixing a modern design aesthetic with beautifully recycled antiques. The character of these historic relics remains intact, while creating a new and useful product that is truly unique. 
The following coffee table is really cute. It is made from  large depression era shoe crate and combined with the "Modern Arks" base  featuring Eames style, mid-century hairpin legs to create a truly unique coffee table suitable for any decor. The use of authentic antique crates ensures that no two of their coffee tables are alike and re-purposing these historic wooden crates ensures they are appreciated for years to come. This box features german writing on the top of it from the residents of the Harmony society in New Harmony, Indiana.
The Modern Arks Furniture also creates original artwork using wood and ink and are constantly creating new pieces that fit with our established aesthetic. This is the good example of their art works and this sentence makes me think about my life for couple minutes:
I hope you are interested in this shop and like items from it as much as I do. More items for sell can be found on etsy They also have the web-page

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