Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unusual and creative office spaces - 2

Last week I posted some unusual and creative office spaces. I still have a lot of work and looks like one working weekend is following by another, so lets continue with finding something funny, relaxing and a little bin crazy in offices. Let me start with this perfect wooden table:
It was created by Marlies Romnerg, grad of Utrecht School of Arts. She named this unique piece of art - Diar diary 1.0. It's real computer embedded in wooden desk. I am really inspired. Let's continue with desks or cars... or desk and car in one piece:
Unfortunately I did not find the creative soul who designed this. Sometimes pictures go through the web from page to page and it's really hard to find out original source. This is true for the next desk as well. Work desk in shape of piano looks really classy and fancy. 
Do you want your work place to be mobile? So you can use this idea: home office from the cart.
You can find the guide how to create this one here. It's in Russian but these are mostly pictures so it will be clear.
Still need more mobility? Here is whole portable office:

It's named Kruikantoor and designed by Tim Vinke. Looks like he also created the following one, but I am not 100% sure. The furniture below was created from palettes:
I believe it's enough for today, if I continue to work over weekends I will continue to look for some creative office spaces, just kidding. I believe enough is enough at least I didn't see anything that looks really good on internet except that I've already shown.