Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cabinet decorating

Do you have boring pale cabinet like this?
Do you like it? I suppose the answer is no, so let's create something magic and bright. We will need:
  1. Decoupage cards
  2. Acrylic finish
  3. acrylic outliners
  4. glitters
  5. boring cabinet
Step 1. Take decoupage card and cut out picture. You can also use napkins instead of decoupage cards. Using acrylic finish attach pictures to the cabinet. Take brush with finish and smooth attached picture. 
Step 2. Take outliner and paint branches. Add leaves and flowers.

Step 3. Draw butterflies and fill up their wings using glitter.
Step 4. Take brown acrylic paint and draw tree trunk. Make some texture by adding outliner lines. 
 Thats it. Instead of ugly old cabinet you have magic one.
Good luck!
I want to say thanks for this tutorial to Tatiana Smirnova. She created this master class and shared it with us. You can find a lot of her other amazing artworks on her web-page: