Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unusual and creative office spaces

I am completely tight up with my job. It's only one thing I can thing about now:) so today's post about really creative, unusual, funny and totally insane office buildings and work spaces.
Let me start with capsules from OfficePOD company.  The designers of this company created this mobile office, you can put it in your home, in the garden or anywhere you like to work.
Another creative person Sophie Kirkpatrick designed really cute table. If you want you can put down cover and be alone in crowded office, or just don't see colleagues you don't like too much:) 
If you need some exercises or need frequently change your location in office you can use this scooter desk from Yanko design studio:
Need to lose some weight? Check out Walkstation from Steelcase:
To be honest I prefer laying on my sofa or couch, not walking:) Next one office furniture piece was designed for peoples exactly like me - ErgoQuest Model 500
I also like the idea of 6 screens, I have two at my place and it's totally not enough for me.
Now lets talk about decoration of space around your table. Are you feeling like commandos? Here we are:
Always have dreams about castles, knights and princess? Next work space is for you:
Now lets talk about the offices. Do you like this cabin?
It IS the office. It was created by Peter Frazier and he named it 'Office on the Forest Edge'. If you like nature and would like to work laying down on the grass you should send your resume in Japan company Hakuhodo.  
Next one is my favorite, unfortunately I don't know which company owns it:
That's all for today. I wish you great and productive day! 

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