Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woodland Happy Tree Bookshelfs

More and more creative and funny furniture in new year, see what I found:
This is not just bookshelf, this is  enchanted Woodland Happy Tree Bookshelf! This shelf was made by cute little gnomes and fairies and it's smiling!  And there is shop filled up with such amazing and magic things: bookshelves, shelf stands, bookends, display shelves... Want to take a look? Here is the link
Take a look on this Happy Flower Shelf Stand -  perfect piece for a baby nursery, children's room or anywhere in your home.  The Daisy Flower has a ready smile and would love to be planted on a shelf in your home.  
The Woodland Happy Tree Display Shelf is half the size of original children's bookshelf design, making it perfect to display collections or cherished family treasures in any room of the house... he's not just for the kiddies anymore!
Versatile size allows Herbie Jr. to be hung on the wall or sat on a tabletop. He is a completely freestanding tree! Oh, and the cutest part... the spook hole is cut through the trunk and becomes an adorable picture frame. There's a plate on the back. Simply remove the plate and put your child's photo, artwork or whatever you'd like over the top. Kids will love changing this out and putting different pictures in there!

If you liked all staff above and would like to add some magic to your everyday's life visit the graphicspaceswood shop on etsy, as well as other shops and pages of these furniture fairies: decals: http://www.graphicspaces.etsy.comprint:


  1. It's all so cute! I love the combination of fun and whimsy with useful,practical things!