Monday, August 23, 2010

Another table - Lighthouse

This is another table hand-painted by me. I love to travel and I visited a lot of lighthouses. So this table is some overall summary from all my visits.
This table for romantic room in nautical style. It's vintage and I saved it from being thrown out. All painting is new and covered by vanish so you can put anything you want on it and the painting will not be damaged.

The sand is real send and taken from beach near lighthouse. So its true lighthouse's sand:)  Shells are also real but not related to any lighthouse.
This table is like a wind from summer that is ending now. It's great to seat near such table when its cold and dark outside with cup of hot chocolate/coffee/tea and remember sunny summer days.

Here is more detailed picture of the painting:
This table is available in my etsy shop. If you would like to take your table and create something like this and you have questions - you are very welcome to ask. As well as you have questions about any other my crafty creation.

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