Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to: renew your favorite(or hated) bag using decoupage

This week is week of innovation:-) So yesterday I started new column - weekly invited guest. Today I am starting another tradition - weekly master class. So here we go.
Every girl in her closet has her favorite bag. But... the more you love something the faster it became worn. Or maybe you have a bag that you totally don't like? Or you changed your style?
So here is old bag.

The following stuff is needed for giving our bag a new life:

1) White and black acrylic paints
2) Glue for decoupage
3) brushes
4) Transfer medium (Transckryl)
5) Pictures
6) Acrylic base
7) outline

So take your old bag wash it very well and let it to dry.
Next step - its time to decide how do you want decorate it, what parts should be decorated and what pictures you want to use. Cover places you have choose to be renewed with white acrylic base.

The following step - decoupage. On top part of the bag you can see pattern from paper napkin. It’s easy: take a napking, remove layers without a picture, put it on the place you want to decorate and cover with decoupage glue using whide brash. Let it dry then covet it with transfer medium - it will save the picture from erasing.
Now we should prepare pictures for main part of bag. They were selected from old wall calendar and Paris postcard and became a keynote of bag.

It is hard to glue thick pictures so we need to work on them using Transfer medium. In this case was used Transfer medium producted by Lefranc&Bourgeois. –°over previously cuted picture using Transfer medium. You should create 2-3 layers of it. Each layer should dry 20-30 minutes. After you done with all 3 layers, let it dry for 24 hours.
Now your picture is like rubber. Put it to bowl with water for couple minutes.

Back side of picture soaks and exfoliate. Previously covered with Transfer medium front side stays nice and stable. Accuratelly remove paper from back side of picture till you get thin elastic film with picture. Let it dry one more hour.
Add glue on the place covered with acrilyc base and film with picture. Put it together. Remove air bubles under picture and take extra care about edges.
Let it dry for couple hours or overnight.

Using outliner add some smoothness to bodrer of bag and picture. Using actrilyc paints add emphasis where it’s needed.
Last step - pendant. The one below was created from keychain and beads.

Your bag is renovated and redecorated. Its looks like new and you can be sure - no one in the world has the same one. Here is the result of our efforts

This master class was originally prepared by LiveJournal user nastik_art. I would like to say great thanks to her for materials and pictures.

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