Saturday, August 14, 2010

Road trip - entry way furniture.

This is most favorite piece of furniture in my apartment.  I spent over two months to transform ordinary used IKEA bookshelf to an funny entry furniture. I named it "Road trip"
I starred from drawing canvases for licences plates on back wall. Then using acrylic paints I colored them.
All license plates have real size, real font, and are the copy of old plates from different states(over 40). 

Next step - putting mirror. I have broken two ones before this was done. Using decoupage, red, white and blue yarn, glue and a lot of patience I reworked an old rack.
Of course - no road trip can be without denim. My old jeans, my boyfriend jeans and jeans of my best friend now cover sides of this piece of furniture.
Final step outside side panels - one of them has map, and other has a road and traffic light. Real working traffic light but smaller than real one :-) 
Now it is standing in my entry way and inspire me to new road trips.