Sunday, August 22, 2010

Halloween ideas: lighting

And lets continue with weekly columns. Each Sunday starting from today you will find some holidays decoration idea. The nearest big decorating event is Halloween. No, It is not too early, it's just on time:-). Especially if you decorate your home with handmade stuff.
So lets start with very simple ideas.
1) Scary holders for tea lights.
They looks really scary and really simple to create. Take a cylindrical glasses and black paper.
Measure height and round of glass. Trace the rectangle on the paper. This rectangle should has height as your glass and width = round of glass + half an inch. This extra half of inch you will use to put edges of rectangle together. Cut the rectangle.
Draw on paper anything you want. Some ideas spider network, bat, pumpkin, ghost, which, cat. If you have no drawing talents its not a problem - just find pictures you like on internet, print it out and cut it. Then put in previously prepared rectangle and outline it using pencil.
Take a paper knife and cut out drawing from rectangle. Wrap the glass with paper and using glue put edges together.

2) Bloody candles. 
All we need its couple white candles and red candle. Drop red wax on white candles and you are done. 

Thats all for today - good luck with your scary lighting.
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