Monday, August 30, 2010

Treasure vase

It's totally not my idea. I have seen something like this in colonial Williamsburg museum and somewhere on internet. So if you see this and recognize your idea you are very welcome to comment here and say "Hey, I am a person who first came up with this".
But this crafty creations is perfect one because it is impossible to create two identical ones.  Let me explain why.
Everybody has some box/jar/shelve there is a lot of different stuff is collected: buttons, keys, nails, screws, coins, shells, beads and more and more things you never throw away because you always think: "I may need it sometime". I named my box "treasure box" and here is some stuff I had there

 And below what I have created using this stuff, plain glass cylindrical vase, some glue and paint:

 Also it is easy to create such vases with theme - nautical, technical, etc, etc...
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