Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maryana Ostroglyad - my favorite stained glass artist

Today is Wednesday and it's time to introduce to you another artist - Maryana Ostroglyad. She is an Ukrainian artist, she is really talented and I believe she is really great person. Her art works are like a first sunny spring day - warm and sweet. They give you a smile and piece of happiness.
Her artist specialty is  stained glass. She is creating big paintings as well as small magnets. But if we talk about art its better to see than to read about. So the first painting I would like to share with you is "Sun"

Lets continue with sun theme and next series of her art works is named "Sunny friends"

I love magnets as well as I love cats, so here is my number one: magnet with cats

 and one more magnet - with giraffe
You can find more Maryanas works (and other great handmade staff) here. Or you can contact Maryana directly by email. She sells her completed works and can create custom one.  


  1. Looks like Maryana Ostroglyad is a very good artist. The pictures makes you want to see more. We share the love for cats.

  2. @Fridman
    I love her funny and sunny pictures, they make me smile:)