Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gucci? CK? You! Design shoes in 1 hour.

Hello everybody. Today is Thursday and its time for how to post. I had a pair of simple black shoes. I was wearing them for a long time. The rain days in a row made me sad and boring and I decided to bring some summer in my life. So.. I painted these shoes and now they are one of a kind "Poppies Shoes" (by the way I have poppies purse and wallet so now I have whole set)
For creating such shoes or any hand painted shoes you need:
1) Shoes. Or boots. Or sandals. Does not matter. BUT - be sure if something goes wrong with them you will be ok with throwing it out without any tears in your eyes:-) Don't do it with new shoes or expensive ones:)
2) Brushes
3) Acrylic Paints
4) Spray paints (use special ones for textile, leather or one for all kind of materials). I use one from DESIGN MASTER. Color - Olive Bright.
5) Spray finish (DESIGN MASTER trademark was used for this shoes)
6) Some beads
7) Glue gun
8) about 1 hour of time (it depends from picture you plan to draw)
Step 1. Wash your shoes really well. Wait until they are completely dry.
Step 2. Take spray paint. I used the following one for my shoes.
If you plan to wear your shoes long time use paints and finish for leather. It will be more stable.
Paint shoes according to instruction, put couple layers. I painted my shoes three times. Let each layer dry before putting next one.

Step 3.  Using acrylic paints and brushes draw anything you want on your shoes. Even if you definitely are not an artist you can do it. The simplest drawings are different kinds of flowers. Also you can use stencils. Or paint something abstract:-)

Step 4. Let  paints to dry.
Step 5. Put finish on shoes. Create at least 3 layers. Each layer should be dry before you put another one.

Step 6. Using glue gun attach beads or anything you want to the shoes and you are all set. 

Now you have pair of unique shoes.

This idea can also be used if you need some shoes for a theme parties (for example for Halloween you cant draw spiders, or snowflakes for Christmas, etc.). Good luck!