Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handmaiden gloves from Olga Gera

Here it is - another invited guest. Today from Moscow. Mostly she is working on creating amazing handmaiden and hand-painted gloves, but not only....
Her gloves are for stylish girls and and no mistake they will be main detail in your outfit. 
My number one is named Lizards. This gloves are made from leather and chamois, golden painted and have red crystal fancywork:
Next ones you are definitely need a designer outwear. The are luxury long ones. You will feel like a real lady wearing this gloves.  This art creation was made using leather, fur lining, golden and white paints and red crystals. 

Aren't they beautiful?
The following gloves has a name "first frost" and great for the fall. These ones have no lining, material is leather. Base color - chocolate, painting - silver and white, green and white crystals. 
White gloves for fancy girl. These butterflies made my day. So lightsome  and tender and classy at the same time.
More gloves you can find on Olga online shop As well as buy an existing model you can order custom personalized gloves with any painting and needed size by contacting Olga via e-mail
As I mentioned before gloves are not only one Olga's passion. Her necklaces are really marvelous. Take a look:
I was really impressed by hand painted corsets. It's sexy and innocently. Wow! 

More crafts from Olga, all her new works and much more can be found here:
LiveJournal blog:
Personal web-page:
Online shop:
Check it out, I promise you will be impressed as me.