Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to create Log shelves

Back to furniture. In todays tutorial I'll show you how to create gorgeous decorative shelves for glasses and plates. 
Materials: couple logs, wood finish, screw hook
1. You need 3 logs, they should have some interesting texture,  the more unusual form they have the more interesting shelve you will get. 
2. Using wire brush clean up logs.

3. Cover logs with wood finish, make 2 layers. If you want after drying you can cover it with lacquer. Or use it instead of wood finish.
 4. Let it dry
5. Take screw hooks and cover it with golden paint.
5. Attach your beautiful logs to wall
6.Twist in screw hooks
7. Put decorative or just beautiful plates on the top of log. Use furniture nails to fix each plate in its own place

8. Hang glasses
You are done. 

This tutorial was created by Tetiana Radkova and materials from this web-page. You also welcome to visit Tetiana's shop

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