Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pia Barile accessories: arms and legs warmers, cuffs and more

Today I would like to introduce another handmade master - Pia Barile. I am totally in love with things she is doing (as usual - you will never find any word in my blog about somebody who I do not like :) I am sorry - but it's my blog).
As I mentioned before her name is Pia Barile and she is a master of accessories, different kind of accessories. For any taste.
She works with various materials: wool, fabric, ceramic, yarn, silver, stones. She also tries to use not only new materials but to re-use old ones as well. So she helps to keep our planet cleaner and in the same time makes the world more beautiful.
The first items I would like to put your attention on are recycled wool arm warmers. The fall with chilly mornings and nights is just around the corner. So its right time! The mittens Pia created are available in different colors and forms. Check out:
1) blue stripes fingerless mittens
2) fingerless mittens in coffee brown
3) bubblegum pink arm warmers
 4) pistachio green ones (my favorites)
If you think this is all only about arm warmers you are totally wrong. Pia has something for your lets too:-)
Another available arm warmers - from new wool. Warm (as should be) and cozy. The great news: you should not be worry about size - it is one for everybody.
Now you are thinking it's you just did a mistake:-) Except all great stuff you already have seen Pia creates amazing arm cuffs
And still something more - soft little creature - Tiny Tilly. She is waiting to see you on Pia's etsy shop.
It is really hard to put all art works of Pia in small post. She is really creative. I have shown you only small part of her crafty creations. More and more items can be found here:

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