Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to create ethnic stool

This master class was prepared by Anna Butova. The source.
Tools and materials:
-wood stool
-stencil for drawing on top
-tissue-paper (one for decorative covering of walls or thin packing paper that usually can be found in boxes with the new shoes)
- white acrylic paint
- acrylic decorative paints
- acrylic varnish for wood
- rope
- scissors
- rubber scraper 
Here is stencil marked above
It is better to remove top of the stool before starting work.
Step 1. Cover the seat using white paint using wide whitewashing brush. Create two layers. First layer - base - should be totally dry before putting second one. Second layer will be used as glue base so it should be thick. 
Step 2.  Thin tissue-paper or packing paper should match the size of stool seat. It should be bigger than seat in 30-50%. Crinkle the paper. You should have small wrinkles on it as a result.
Step 3.  Spread paper over the stool top on wet second layer of paint. 
Step 4.  Using the same brush you used for painting and your palms really careful and gentle force paper against the stool seat.
Step 5.  Bend rest of paper and glue it to the stool using the same way as you used for the top. 
Step 6.  Cut paper parts that you don't need and let the stool dry.
Step 7.  Now you should cover your seat with thin layer of white paints using paint and brush you used in previous steps
Step 8.  Put on palette needed amount of decorative acrylic paint. The color used for this stool is named "old gold". Using wide brush paint the seat. 
Step 10.  Wait until the first layer of acrylic paints dries. Now you can put second layer. Add to the acrylic paint "old gold" you used for the first layer umber acrylic paint, mix it on the palette and paint seat as you did for first layer. Let it to dry completely. 
Step 11.  It is time to work on stool stands. Cover them with two layers of acrylic paint. Make sure that first layer is dry before start to put second one. 
Step 12.  Put stencil on the top of stool seat
Step 13.  Put couple colors of acrylic paints on the palette. Using sponge paint your lizard.
Step 14.  Carefully remove stencil.
Step 15.  Using paint brushes add details to drawing

Step 16.  Let everything to dry and put parts of stool together. Now cover parts of stool with ornament. 

Step 17.  Enlace stands using rope and paint it in different contrast colors.

Step 18. Draw any other decorations you want to see on this stool.
Step 19. Cover stool with acrylic varnish.
Thats all.