Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Original Organic Home Decor from Elizabeth Krov

"I use a lot of 'rescued' items from dumpsters and garage sales to turn recycled goods into original organic home decor. I sand, carve, paint, sew, assemble every piece by hand and all of my art is one of a kind" 
You can think that it's all about me but I am not only one :) I was really glad to find somebody who likes the same things what I do and creates amazing home decor stuff and furniture. Today I would like to introduce you Elizabeth Krov.
I really like her small decorative shelves. All these shelves are made out of wood, have unique painting and one of a kind.

The next one is rescued one. And amazing as others. 
One more green item - pillow. It is totally made out from recycled materials. 
This pillow and green shelve look like a set. A perfect environment friendly set. 
Except of all above check out Elizabeth's glass works. Gorgeous!

You can find more pictures and news from Elizabeth if you join her group on facebook . To order custom items or to buy some go to her etsy shop or web page.